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base prices

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Head Shot

Half body

Full Body


request a commission here!

Feel free emailing or dming too


  • For 1 additional character (2 in total) you will be charged 50% of the original price.

  • For 2 additional characters (3 in total) you will be charged 75% of the original price.

  • $15-50 for background depending on complexity (Flat color is free)

  • $10 for one animal $20 for more than one

  • Filling out the form above is simply a request and does not guarantee that I will take your commission. If I choose to accept your commission, I will contact you via email for payment information, references, + any additional information I may need.


  • Business = X2 the fee of the total price you are charged (Promotional art, Vtuber Artwork such as Youtube thumbnail art, schedule art, etc.)

  • Commercial = X3 the fee of the total price you are charged if the artwork is going to be redistributed for profit (e.g. sold as a print, keychain or any other type of merchandise)

Terms of service

All revisions need to be made and approved of during the sketch phase.Personal commissions will be given 4 free revisions. Anything past that will be a 10% fee of the original price.
Business commissions will be given 7 free revisions. Anything past that will be a 10% fee of the original price
Commercial commissions will be given unlimited revisions.


  • Anime/Videogame characters

  • Furries

  • Original Characters

  • Vtubers

  • Ships

  • NSFW

  • Gore


  • Real people

  • Heavy mecha

  • Heavy bara

  • Anything that I may find uncomfortable or out of my skill range

  • Contact me for any more questions or additional information

payment method

  • All payments are accepted through Paypal, Cash App or Venmo only.

  • Payment is taken upfront and in full if the commission cost is less than $100. If the cost is over $100, payment may be split in half. 50% before I begin working and 50% once I finish the piece. Please let me know if this is something that you would like to do.

  • No refunds unless I am unable to deliver your commission.


  • A commission will take anywhere from 1 - 4 weeks depending on the complexity and my personal schedule. However, if it takes any longer, you will be notified.


  • Feel free to contact me through the form above, DM on Instagram, Twitter, or through email ([email protected]) with the following information:

  • Your Name

  • Purpose for your commission (personal, business or commercial use)

  • The type of commission you would like (head shot, half body, full body - sketch, flat, or full color)

  • The character(s) included

  • References (expression, posing, background, lighting, etc.)

  • Any other additional information